About Us

Welcome To Nile Maritime Services Pte Ltd.

Nile Maritime was incorporated in Singapore on 1st December, 1995 with a paid up capital of S$400,000.

Our team comprises of sea going technical staff and land based staff. All our staff are well experienced in the marine industry and can provide efficient and cost effective service. We have served major principals involved in shipping related business.


Nile Maritime strives to provide cost effective services to our valued clients. Our team comprises of good combination of sea going and ashore experienced, and well educated staff. That provides us an edge, and makes us to be a fast growing company with ethical business values.

We value our all customers, multinational or small and are ever ready to meet their requirements. We understand shipping needs better and with our first hand technical knowledge in the marine field we meet our clients needs efficiently.



Our Management

Mr. Aujla was born as a landlord’s son in Punjab, India. Despite hailing from a land locked province, he opted to become a marine engineer and had a long career at sea and ashore. He enjoyed his work as an engineer and loved to solve teething problems regarding ships.

After gaining experience in the shipping industry, he ventured into running his family business. Having acquired sufficient exposure to the intricacies of running a business, he decided to join the marine industry. With his business acumen and professional approach, he has made Nile Maritime a reputed and trusted company.

Managing Director


  • Higher Turnover
  • Small Profit Margins
  • Quality Service
  • Transparent Business
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • 24/7 Online Support